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Visiting your facility was the highlight of our vacation. I plan to make everyone in Canada aware of your wonderful work. My husband, 15 month old daughter and I visited your amazing facility last week. We just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise about seahorses. The tour was amazing and you created 3 new seahorse fans. We hope to visit your again. PS — tell Stumpy we said hi. My husband and I spent some time at Ocean Rider and for me it was one of the best parts of Kona. It was amazing to be so up close and personal with these fabulous creatures.

We will definitely come again. Kira had a fabulous time touring the seahorse farm from her cruise ship and took the time to type up a glowing testimonial explaining how amazing the tours are. Today, Ocean Rider continues with on-going research and development for the purposes of extending the longevity of the species for the hobbyist and commercial aquariums around the world and for the protection of the seahorse species in the wild.

Seahorses and marine life are raised to strict, good farming practices. Our seahorses, select marine life and gifts are available for sale on this web site, seahorse. Ocean Rider also provides an active community for seahorse owners and aquarium managers. Join Seahorse. Mustang Seahorse Pairs Doing Amazing!! Sorry, I missed your call to see how my new horses were doing.

They are doing amazing. Thank You!!!!! Thanks so much for these two seahorses, they are stunning. They are huge! I take care of a lot of them, and when I get them from you they are always healthy and eating! Have a nice weekend. I just got my Spikey pair. They are beauties!! They were both moving all over in the bag as i was acclimating them. Just let them out of the bag and they are swimming all over the tank. Again, they are beautiful!

I received my package about an hour ago.

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The packing was great! I have acclimated them and they are very active and beautiful. The ponies arrived safely and in good health. They look exactly as shown in your product photo. All arrived in great shape with kicking seahorses and not one dead shrimp. My old guys from you gobbled up the 1st bag of shrimp and are looking for more! The new pair have settled down they are still very stressed like me after a long flight! I would just like to thank you for the fantastic seahores that arrived today. The sunbursts were a nice yellow color. After full acclimation the horse are swimming and eating frozen mysis like they have been in the tank for months.

Far exceeded my expectations. Thank you once again. I have had my Mustangs 3 weeks today. I found 4 baby seahorses this am. I am thrilled with my new seahorses. After years of dreaming and about 6 months of planning, I finally decided to take the plunge, and I am so happy I shopped with you. Your customer service is great.

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The captive-bred path is truly the way to go. Just to let you know Spikeys arrived. Loved the colors. Acclaimated very quickly. I am very happy with my order and hope to order more soon. Thank you very much! You did the BEST! They are beautiful. I am so excited. Had to take off work today just to see them. Picked them up at about this am. Thanks so much. Talk to you soon. Now that we are so hooked on seahorses. This pony is really spectacular! What a regal animal. Thanks again.

Just emailing to say thank you for working with me to bring me two beautiful H. I am thoroughly pleased and they are doing very well so far. Just wanted to let you know that Trigger, Sunny, Milo and Venus arrived safely 2 weeks ago and acclimated quickly. The ladies really scarf up the food at their abalone shell feeding station. Aloha, Carol so excited everyone looks great. They look better than most specimen I bring home from the fish store 5 minutes away. Arrived at equalizing tempuratue started at Thank you for all of the information.

This course was fantastic!! We are looking forward to bringing our new Seahorses home, once we are completely ready of course. I would definitely recommend this program to others! Hey guys! Just last week I was at my LFS and they had 3 seahorses for sale. Been a fan of Ocean Rider for more than years now. You guys are amongst the most skillful and conscientious minded online vendors and researchers I have come across.

Thanks for all that you do. I received the 2 banded pipes last week and am happy to say they look great and are doing fine. I look forward to my next purchase, probably mustangs. Thanks very much. Dear Carol, I just wanted to tell you thank you for the beautiful Sunbursts that I just received from you! They are a really lovely pair. And it looks like you were most generous with the red shrimp as well.

Thanks again for the wonderful service and the beautiful, healthy seahorses. The seahorses we bought from Oceanrider arrived in great condition, healthy, not shy at all and adapted very quickly to their new home.

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They are very social, so much fun and their colors are stunning. This is definitely a place I recommend to anyone interested in Seahorses. Hi There! I have had your pipefish for several months now all are fine and growing. I tried from other sources with no success,thanks OR. Also the stangs and sun-bs are great and very healthy. Yours truly. Hi again Craig Ocean Rider Crew.

Well my new ponies arrived today and I must say they both look absolutely fantastic.

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  • Definitely a very very happy customer of yours. The female Has outrageous coloring and striking lines, spikes and patterns. And the male mustang is also a magnificent Orange coloring as well. They acclimated beautifully. I attached some photos of my new arrived healthy Mustangs. They arrived alive and well. The female full eggs, poor gal, about 5 minutes after being introduced into the tank, had an accident and spilled out what I would guess to be about 50 or so bright orange eggs. My director, Kathleen Pape, ordered 2 Sunburst Mustangs from you this week.

    You shipped on Tuesday, August It is Thursday, August 18 and they arrived at pm. A bag of the red Hawiian shrimp came with. Just one word to describe the mated pairs of sunbursts we got today. Big, healthy and gorgeous coloring. Thanks for all you do to help protect the species, and for sending these amazing animals to us. Thanks for all the work you guys do, it really shows! I have had my pair of sunbursts for almost 6 months. They are so hardy, sweet, curious and friendly. I am so glad I ordered from you and took the seahorse lessons to teach me everything I could ever need to know!

    Thank you SO much! Just thought I would say hello. Finished up the totally awesome 10 part training lesson. Thanks so much for introducing me to Pete.

    Farm Raised Seahorses and Marine Life for Personal and Commercial Aquariums

    Great person to know! Thanks again Craig and Carol. Seahorses just arrived. Came out of the box looking feisty as all get out! Thanks so much! As always, it was a pleasure doing business with you. The way they have adjusted to my tank is amazing. Loki and mango are already pair bonding and Thor is being very funny watching him make his best moves on pumpkin. Just like most females she needs her nap first and tomorrow a little dinner. Hi I just got my seahorses home. Every one looks great. Oh my gosh so adorable. Thank you so much!! Thank you Pete and Carol. Could not be happier those are the most beautiful Sunburst.

    They are going around so lively and proud. Pete I want to Thank You for all the help you gave me, which I still refer to when needed, could not have made without your fantastic knowledge. I would like to tell you, as a long time admirer of your sites, and an employee of FedEx, I have been happy to see quite a few of your shipments come through. Just received a sunburst and a mustangs from your facility.

    They are big and the most stunning creatures I have ever had in my sea horses tanks. Hi, I received my Sunburst Special today in the mail. All I can say is wow! See their website for details. The road you need to turn in to is called Makako bay drive, and there is large white scaffolding with solar panels visible at the exit.

    Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm and Daily Tours - Kona Hawaii

    There is an octopus farm half a mile north of the seahorse farm: the Kanaloa Octopus farm. During the tour you will learn about octopuses or is it octopi? All octopi on the farm are brought in by local fishermen, so they are basically rescues :D. More information on the octopus farm website. If you are planning to visit the both the octopus farm and the seahorse farm together it is very important to do so in the following sequence:.

    If you visit the octopus farm first you will not be allowed on the seahorse farm tour due to bio-security concerns. Use our site to plan your own vacation in a sustainable way with minimum impact on the local environment. Read more about our mission. You can get a spoiler about the tours and learn some cool seahorse-facts in the following video:.