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For the same reason, if you have a car that demands higher current, it is necessary to increase the number of booster or power tabs. Now let's take a look at the car motors. The car motors are not simple resistors, they are non-linear device, which means that the current through the motor is not directly proportional to the voltage applied to the motors. A DC motor has a working voltage, which is typically a range. If you operate above it, the motor runs too fast and generates too much heat, it can burn out very quickly.

If you try to operate the motor at below the voltage, it can also be precarious, especially if the motor is loaded and needs to over come certain level of friction. The motor may not run and act as a direct short, causing it to burn out very quickly as well.

Anki Overdrive: Hot Wheels meets Scalextric - BT

Another important spec for the motor is its power rating or current rating. The higher the current rating, the more current it will draw for the same voltage applied, typically making the slot car run faster. For the same motor, increasing the voltage will also make it run faster, but potentially at the risk of reducing its lifespan. A high performance motor usually calls for power supply with higher current output. The magnet on your car holds your car down and increases the friction of your car on the track.

Typically a bigger motor requires a stronger magnet, otherwise the car can fly off the track easily. On the flip side, a stronger traction magnet or even physically lowering the stock magnet for more down force will require you to increase the amperage of your car motor. Mobile Site. Change Language :. Advanced Search.

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Select products per page page gets refreshed 24 results per page 48 results per page 96 results per page results per page. Wilko Roadsters Ultimate Collection Diec Wilko Roadsters Sea Cruiser Transporter. Wilko Roadsters Tank Engine Train. Wilko Roadsters Packaway Garage. Thomas Mighty Minis Bag 3 for 2 Toys.

Paw Patrol Lookout Playset with Chase an Email when in stock. In Store only.

Wilko Roadsters Diecast Cars 5 pack - As Wilko Roadsters Diecast Car - Assorted. Anki confirmed the cars used for Anki Drive will be compatible with Overdrive via software update. Did you have Scalextric when you were younger?


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