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Medicis Presents the Dysport(TM) Challenge: Love It or Leave It NYSE:MRX

October Does the Microbiome Matter? Seeking practical implications for skincare. Read Issue. The Latest. CME Created with Sketch.

Medicis Presents the Dysport(TM) Challenge: Love It or Leave It

Article October The Last Laugh. News October 16, Botox Hits the Big Clinical Focus October Clascoterone: A Novel Topical Anti-androgen for the Treatment of Acne For the first time in almost 15 years, a new chemical entity may be coming to the market for the topical treatment of acne vulgaris.

Take a completely stupid new drug that is out, Solodyn Website complete with 1 recall!

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Thats right, bucks for minocycline. What gets me are the Dermatologists who write for this shit. Are you fucking kidding me? Are you so incredibly stupid to believe that this bullshit will do ANY better than the mg they have had on the market for decades? Why do you believe that 90mg ER is better than mg bid? Is it because the big-titted reps tell you so? What are you going to do? So instead of having this sleazy me-too producing drug company Medicis, producer of overpriced shit like Benzoyl Peroxide Pads hand out samples to the doctors, they hand them these trial cards. Go fuck yourself.

This is yet another reason why medication costs so much in this country, because there are STUPID drug companies who will make this shit, and there are even stupider Doctors who gobble up the bullshit studies and actually write for this and get it sold! Dental drugs are also notorious for being so overpriced and stupid uh Periostat? I can go on for ages about the stupid these these two classes of doctors write for under the all-knowing direction of some clueless PDR using sales rep, but I think you get the point.

If you stock this shit, let me know so we can laugh at you.

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Anyone around want to spearhead a Drug Rep Porn site? There are going to be a ton of hot big-titted reps that are going to be hungry for work to pay off their boob-jobs. And did you seriously use the word stupider?

As the former editor of my high school newspaper for two years, I am obligated to hate you…. I heard they say that regular minocycline is worse for your teeth over time, but that sounds shakey. I think one of them helped the company with some of their research which might explain a lot. Slow of body, slow of mind, and utterly useless.

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I called the doctor to change to drug to immediate release generic because it is not covered of course and cost dollars per month to the patient. I let the patient listen to it. Amen to that! Dermatologists are by far the worst. They act as a trophy case for inept prescribing. On shit like Clobetasol, FFS. This kind of stupidity is ironic, because Dermatology is the THE hardest medical specialty to get into because of the good hours, and ridiculously high reimbursement rates and fewest residency slots.

I agree! I went to a Dermatologist for a rash and red watery bumps on my face. She took one look and told me it was hormones. Then she began to tell me that I needed to get off of all hormone replacements. Like she is my medical doctor and has the right to tell me that.

I did not agree with her and she became rude and out of line.

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I have never gone back. She was to stick to my skin issues and nothing else. Oh, then she prescribed me a pill that would block certain hormones. No thanks! The pill was expensive, by the way. FYI, Solodyn does come in 30 count bottles. Pharmboy — We use 3 different wholesalers here and all of them only stock the s. You know what the worst part is? BTW, your link locked up my computer. I, too have seen an RX for Solodyn, and we called the dermatologist who, BTW, is very good to get it changed to regular minocycline. If someone submits an approval application, can show the med works better than a placebo, and meets reasonable safety standards, the FDA is obligated to approve the product, no matter if the company is planning to sell it for 10 cents or 10 billion dollars.

This is the kind of thing that happens when you decide that big government is bad and its powers must be limited. You end up with an FDA powerless to stop Solodyn. Which is why I stock Solodyn and most often happily take my customers money for it. Because most of my customers these days are precisely the type of people who would not hesitate to lecture me on the importance of limiting the role of the Federal Government.

I find an inner happiness in knowing they are literally putting their money where their mouth is…. What did the derm do? Of course, gave her expensive cream Give me a hundred drug seekers and antibiotics-for-colds beggars for just ONE of these body dysmorphic folks. I have never met a cross, egoistic, unhappy, or otherwise contrary dermatologist.

These folks always appeared to me to be the most pleased-as-punch, warmhearted practitioners in all of medicine. I have almost never had a problem communicating with them. Why is this so? I guess, seldom do they have bona fide emergencies or patients in psychomotor rage, and their clinical challenges are limited to the dermis. I may be all wrong about this, and have skipped over those derms who have to save third-degree burn patients from death and disfigurement, but such is my conclusion after a few decades of dealing with them. Does this mean they are too casual a class of doctors to stop and ponder a little bit of pharmacoeconomics?

It makes me wonder.

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JM you dumb fuck—who do you think gave pharmacists the reputation that they have. Crusty RPh. U R Right on Crusty Crab! I am not a RPH just a dad paying for one in school- P3. Stopped paying in P2. So , why not Rx, they figure. But I agree just let it stand on its own. But many insurances will only pick-up maybe on average And save the marketing costs. And I have antivirus software! It is one of our fast movers. We have them only in 30 count bottles too. Do you get those 30 count Solodyne from a wholesale house or from a repackager?

My fastest mover is generic Vicodin — LOL.

I see that many people here are commenting on how they can only get quantity Solodyne from their wholesalers.