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Our DMV-licensed curriculum makes defensive driving easy to understand, and hilarious traffic-related jokes will have you laughing while you learn. We even electronically report your completion directly to the DMV—because having to deal with paperwork is no fun for you! Register now and you'll be back on the road to safe driving in no time!

Click the video for more information about our awesome course! X Click Here for a Comedy Break! Easy, Fast, Fun You want a traffic school you can "cruise" though, not one that will "drive" you crazy. New Course Available. Whoever wrote it made it much more interesting than reading the Vehicle Code, that's for sure. Comedy Network's first presentation of Comedy!

The Game Show. Enjoy this battle royale of funny as three comics compete to see who is funniest and wins the bragging rights with a cash prize to boot.

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They all listen to their sets after their shows. This episode will hopefully inspire you to do the same and reap the rewards that help you generate more material faster. Get to work! Brandon Smiley is not only Rickey Smiley's son, but also a touring comedian trying to book gigs like the rest of us. Listeners will be surprised to learn that Brandon's comedy journey, starting at age 7, has not been easy despite having a superstar comedian for a father.

Brandon breaks down his mentality overcoming stints in rehab and jail and also his strategy behind building his own team on the way to superstar comedy status. By popular demand, we're sharing some of our favorite comedy lessons learned from Gary Gulman's GulmanTip series on twitter. Not only is Gary one of the funniest comedians working today, but also one of the most educational about his process. It's taken us almost nine years of doing comedy to understand the value of collaborating. We hope this quick episode inspires you to start connecting with other comics and building your own network.

This team may take time to build, but the sooner you start looking the sooner you will see them. Origin Story on NPR. This is the perfect episode to learn all of Joel's TMI stories you never knew you wanted to hear until now. Enjoy this rare look into the man behind the Hot Breath! Beth Stelling is a comedy powerhouse with an impressive resume spanning from the the world's most popular stages to the writer's room of the world's most popular show. This episode is a rare behind the scenes look at her creative process for churning out so much quality comedy and the tips she's learned from working with other comedy royalty like Judd Apatow and Pete Holmes.

Here's a fun behind the scenes listen of a writing session I recently did with TySoSilly. This is one of our most fun yet because of the incredible breakthrough we make on her comedy writing voice and point of view. I love doing these in person and over Skype so let's connect!

Everyone has their opinions on comedy competitions. For better or worse, I use them as a great opportunity to network while also performing under pressure. There is a heightened sense of urgency in competitions that force you to rise to the occasion. I value the experience more than the outcome and hope this episode helps you to find your own perspective on this sometimes taboo facet of our industry.

Bruce Leroy is jack of all creative trades. He's part comedian, part comedy club owner, part yogi, part graphic designer, part videographer and a total force of nature.

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This interview is the perfect blueprint to help you develop new skills and spark fresh creativity into your comedy. You'll want to hear this once twice! Alton Walker has one of our most popular interviews to date so we had to hop on the IG Live and let you ask him questions personally. Thanks to everyone that tuned in and asked such insightful questions. This is a behind the scenes peek at a one on one writing consultation we did with Atlanta open mic comic Coy Sutley. The goal of this episode is to inspire you to collaborate and start creating more material faster.

This is also an insightful look into the creative process of comedy writing and all the trial and error required to find the gold jokes. Enjoy and keep grinding! Fill out the Hot Breath! This interview with Alton Walker is all about turning your show into a business.

I lost count of all the tips and strategies he shares to help comics get booked immediately and frequently. The only catch is, YOU have to do the work. Are you willing to do that? We all struggle with writer's block, so here are a few tips and tricks I've learned the hard way to help your creativity be less of a block and more of a minor bump. So this will be the first of many.

In honor of the holidays, we're giving you one of our favorite tools that keeps us committed to our writing and performing rituals. You've given us so much of your time and we want to help save you time with a personally designed accountability calendar! All you have to do is message us on any social media about the calendar and it's yours! This will be a gift that keeps on giving.

I struggle to stay motivated during the holidays, but this is an easy strategy to staying productive without working. You'll be amazed at the impact this simple shift in your mindset will have on your comedy. Enjoy and share with other comics! This episode explores my favorite writing technique, free writing, and how it can help you generate more material faster than ever before. This interview is a legit masterclass on navigating show business and all the red flags to avoid along the way.

Even if you have heard this episode before, do yourself a favor and listen again. I guarantee you will hear new insights and gems. Karlous shares too many in this interview to hear them in one pass. Enjoy and thanks for voting! Link to Karlous' first Hot Breath! We cover too many topics the count, but these are the perfect opportunities for you to connect with our guests. We all struggle with writing consistently.

So, this new series will help us all get better at writing more frequently and effectively. Today's homework is to write for 10 minutes for the next seven days.


Are you up to the challenge? This throwback episode relives our first interview with Tierra Burrell covering all things health. Living healthy as a comedian is a big challenge, but this interview makes it a lot easier. You'll be surprised by the small changes you can make to help make a big difference for not only your physical and mental health but also the health of your career.

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  6. InstagramLive Interview featuring Geo Perez. He's a newer comic asking all the right questions about tips and techniques on how to get better faster. This is the first episode of its kind but have a funny feeling it won't be the last. We all struggle with motivation from time to time and this was a time I did and how I overcame it. These are just a few suggestions to help I've learned from years of trial and error. I hope they help! Tierra Burrell is back for her second interview to share health tips on everything from what your poop should look like to creating healthy habits and eating clean on the road.

    The health industry sells a lot of snake oil but Tierra is the real deal and shares real health tips for anyone wanting to live a healthier life. Alton Walker is a networking powerhouse sharing as much insight as he can in 5 minutes. At just 23 years old, this young gun has already made a name for himself as a finalist of The Laughing Skull Festival, a featured guest on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Show, and now Last Comic Standing.

    Wake up and tune in to this inspirational tale of faith. Caleb is back for his second interview with us to reveal how's been able to book Conan twice, get into Just For Laughs, and navigate the comedy hierarchy of LA. Did I mention all of this happened in three years? Listen to learn how! Comedy Network. This is exciting news! We have now entered the Patreon pantheon to start ramping up the comedy mastery content.

    We now have a platform to interact directly and share all the exclusive content you've been asking for. Click the link below to check it out for yourself.

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    This is an exciting step we are all taking together. Amber Nash has been working on Archer 10 seasons now and shares all the fun, the sad, and the business of being in the comedy game so long. This interview is a road map for comedians looking to diversify their portofolio and develop multiple comedy skills that lead to more bookings and opportunities. Hot Breathren Lavar Walker called me up to share some comedy game and motivational praise for the podcast.

    Olivia Joy Steele. Olivia Joy Steele is only a few months into her comedy career and has already hosted her first show. She shares the good, the bad, and the funny of this milestone in every comic's journey. I recorded this interview on an early morning at Adult Swim Studios. Nick Gibbons has been working at Adult Swim for over ten years and in the comedy game for over twenty years. This is the perfect interview for any comics hoping to one day get on TV. Erica Duchess is only 5 years into the game but already slaying stages by being her true self.

    After our show at a BBQ restaurant WeMadeIt , I had to ask her how she is so comfortable and authentic on stage so early into her career. Manu is back to update the Hot Breathiverse on all that has changed in social media since her first interview over a year ago. She is a guru on the topic and someone you will want to follow and learn from on your own social media accounts. Take notes and enjoy! Podcast Atlanta invited me out to their event to speak on the power of comedy in podcasting.

    I have been thinking about getting into the speaking world for a while and this experience has inspired me to stop thinking and start doing.

    Featured Improv Venues

    I hope this speech also inspires you to find your own voice in comedy or podcasting and start reaching a new audience! Tight5Podcast How to Bomb with Style. I had a rough run of shows last night and felt compelled to share this perspective that helps me bounce back from such nights.

    This is our first throwback episode and we picked one of our most popular guests ever, Ali Siddiq. After his second interview linked below , many of you reached out about how and where to hear his first. Well after some confusing back and forth messages, I decided to post it here for your convenience. Even if you have heard this interview before, you are guaranteed to hear new knowledge this time around.

    I appreciate all of your feedback and support in requesting this episode. Radio Hour is a one of a kind show that showcases local comedians through their performance and also interview with Joel live on stage. If you'd like to have the Radio Hour in your scene, send us an email! HotBreathPod gmail. Comedy clubs are just a tiny percentage of the work you can get performing stand-up comedy. Challenge yourself to find new avenues to paid gigs. I've performed everywhere from sidewalks to garages and hotel conference rooms. This Tight5Podcast shares tips on how to always perform your best regardless of the setting.

    Connect and see the full video on the Hot Breath! This is her first podcast and she holds nothing back in this business masterclass all comics should hear. Takes notes and share the knowledge. A manager's relationship is more strategy" 7. You have to bring the business too. It's show business. So it's crucial to save money where and however you can. Here are a few tips I've learned from years of traveling on the road. Join our facebook group to share how you save money out on the road! Melanie Comarcho does not do interviews, until now!

    Since her comedy career started way back in , she has toured the world with comedy juggernauts like Katt Williams, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, and more.

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    This rare interview profiles her comedic journey and reveals how she has maintained such a consistent tour schedule with these comedy legends. Podcast to share his experience taping a Comedy Central special in prison, comedy gimmicks and why the purity of comedy is fading.

    Sean Patton is one of comedy's most unique talents. I have seen him perform live four times and not a single set has been the same. He breaks down his technique behind improvising on stage and how you can do the same. There is also an in-depth discussion on the power of silence on stage and a storytelling breakdown that has forever changed the way I perform comedy. This is one of those Hot Breathisodes you'll have to hear multiple times to digest.

    Samm Severin is an Atlanta favorite that just recorded her first comedy album called "Stoned and Sad. There are also a lot of insightful stories about her battles with sobriety and how her OCD is connected. This is one of a kind interview with a one of a kind comic. He didn't start comedy until he was 30 but has found fast success after paying his dues on the road. This interview provides veteran insights from a comic that has earned his success the hard way. Film, Shooting a Showtime Special. He shares all the gems you need to know about effectively networking in Hollywood and how to say no to certain projects.

    You are hearing a comedian that has been paying his dues and now his dues are starting to pay him. This is the "how to" guide for making your own movie from concept to completion. My guests, Fray Forde and Catherine Dee Holly, of Coki Productions shares all their lessons learned to hard way from writing and directing two movies.

    After hearing this interview, you will never watch a movie the same way again Rolling it out.