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If last year's Cyber Monday and Black Friday MacBook Pro deals are anything to go by, you could make some major savings on the top-end models in Apple's MacBook range this year, especially if you're prepared to make do with an older model. On lesser laptops this might be an issue, but even an old MacBook Pro is ludicrously powerful compared to the average laptop, making it well worth taking a punt. The MacBook Pro's high price — especially on, say, the Touch Bar models — means it's easier for retailers to deliver a huge temporary price cut and still turn a profit, so if you're looking for a powerful creative laptop it's worth bearing in mind.

You'll still be paying out quite a bit for it, but it'll be worth the expense. The MacBook Air is here.

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It's gorgeous, though still perhaps a tad too small for many creatives, but it's also unlikely to be on offer this year as it's so new. This revamped model is a good sign for those looking for the older MacBook Air, however, as we expect there to be some fantastic Black Friday MacBook Air deals on offer this year as retailers clear out their old stock. The downside to plumping for an older Air is that it's the least powerful MacBook you can get, and it's not even the thinnest and lightest any more.

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However if you simply have to have that MacBook cachet but you're on a budget, it's the obvious choice. Preparation is key when it comes to getting good Black Friday MacBook deals, or picking up a MacBook Cyber Monday bargain, especially when you bear in mind that a lot of retailers can't wait for Black Friday, and so start shipping their bargains well in advance of the big day.

In the run-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday we'll be keeping tabs on new deals as they appear, so keep checking back for offers that you won't want to miss. If you're planning to use your new MacBook as an all-round work machine then it's worth holding out for a good deal on a Pro as it'll be able to cope with just about everything you throw at it. If you're less of a power user then the ordinary MacBook should suit your needs, and while the older Air's more limited it should be the one to go for if you want a MacBook at rock-bottom prices.

The latest Air may also be for you if you prioritise a portable and thin machine over screen size.

Beware of older models — they're likely to see the biggest discounts but they'll be packing less power than more up-to-date machines. Although you could consider getting an SSD to speed things up. And of course, use a bit of common sense while shopping; look out for cashback offers, always check the guarantee and make sure you keep your receipt in case of faults or buyer's remorse. There might only be three main models of MacBook to choose from, but there are plenty of variations in the line that are well worth noting when you're looking for Black Friday MacBook deals.

Firstly, the CPU: the MacBook Air's is the least powerful of the lot, although the brand new version improves things with a dual-core 8th-generation Core i5 processor, with Turbo Boost up to 3. Older models feature an old Intel Broadwell chipset running at 1.

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Both the MacBook and MacBook Pro boast beefier 8th and 9th generation chipsets; with the latest Pro really turning up the heat: up to 2. All other MacBook models feature GB SSD; bear in mind that if you work with large files then you'll probably burn through that pretty quickly. Display-wise, all the MacBooks apart from the original Air feature crisp Retina displays. And they'll all serve you well in terms of battery, but watch out for MacBook Pros with a Touch Bar; Apple claims that this makes no difference but our friends at TechRadar have found that the Touch Bar can take a fair toll on battery life.

If you need all the power you can handle and don't mind paying for it, the inch MacBook Pro is the only way to go. In short it's a mighty creative powerhouse that won't let you down, assuming you have the means to afford it.

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You may have read complaints about the temperamental Butterfly keyboard on recent MacBooks; the latest MacBook Pro still features it, but it's an improved version with less noise and more reliability. This model also features a Touch Bar that'll give you time-saving, context-sensitive commands for various apps, as well as an up-to-date CPU and plenty of storage and memory options.

If you want an entry-level MacBook Pro, this is the one to go for. Don't need the power of a Pro? This vanilla MacBook should suit you nicely; it's super-portable and lightweight, with a inch Retina screen, and as long as you don't mind paying the extra it's a much more attractive prospect than the ageing MacBook Air. Every year, it falls on the day after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.

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