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The build quality is excellent, the screen looks great and the speakers perform well for a tablet. Some people may find the app selection to be slightly limited in comparison to Apple devices, but the Microsoft range is expanding all the time. Also, the screen is notably low resolution and this has a knock on effect on the camera, which is disappointing. The Surface 2 , realised in , was the first successor to the original Surface laptop.

Most design features of the Surface 2 are shared with the Surface, but the Surface 2 is thinner and weighs less than the original. The new 1.

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The connectivity can also be promoted with a 3. The Surface 3 , realised in and discontinued in late , has a larger The Atom x7-Z processor is more substantial and the display is capable of reaching 4K standards. You can also choose to add on a microSD memory card, with up to GB of extra storage. The Surface Pro range of devices is a more powerful, and more expensive, version of the Surface series. The Surface series has now been discontinued, so the Surface Pro is the device to go for if you need a 2-in-1 device with the power of a laptop.

The light and portable Surface Pro series run on the latest Windows operating system and it offers the features of a PC in the form of a tablet. You can run all the applications you enjoy in your preferred browser and the touch screen controls are improved with a Surface Pen for more precise work. If you remove the snap-on keyboard, it immediately becomes a notebook - you'll get all the benefits of a Windows operating system, accessed through a bright attractive touchscreen. The original Surface Pro , realised in , ran on Windows 8 and offered a generous 2TB of expandable storage.

But in this original version the battery life is somewhat disappointing and the device, at just under 2lb, is too heavy for some. The Surface Pro 2 , the second version of the Surface Pro, kept to the original exterior design, but with revamped hardware. Users are able to upgrade the operating system to Windows The Surface Pro 3 , the third generation of the Surface Pro, runs on Windows 10 software and has a stand that now allows the device to be set at a number of different angles.

It has a larger inch screen, but still weighs less. The Surface Pro 4 has the same screen size as version 3, but a slimmer screen with greater resolution at x The cooling system has been re-engineered and the Surface Pro 4 includes a powerful 6th generation Skylake Intel Core processor. The 5th generation of the Surface Pro was also confusingly marketed as the Surface Pro , but it was colloquially referred to as the Surface Pro Again this iteration of the Surface Pro included hardware and software improvements on the previous edition of the device.

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The latest version of the Surface Pro is the Surface Pro 6. Released in , has better performance and longer battery life, but it lacks in USB-C ports. The Surface Pro 6 specifications are:. The Surface Book is less refined than the Surface Pro, but is still an excellent PC packed with premium software, a high-resolution screen and a stylus for added convenience.

Each aspect of this futuristic-looking device has been thought through carefully and designed for a reason, for example the hinge enables the clipboard to be detached quickly and the Surface Pen is held securely beside the screen. The battery life offers around 8 hours of continual usage and you'll get the latest version of Windows and Office for word-processing and spreadsheets, as well as limitless apps.

It's not designed for serious gaming, but can is compatible with less demanding titles.

Surface Pro 6 with Type Cover for $600 (save $300)

The most recent version available is the Surface Book 2. It is available with a The Surface Hub and Surface Hub 2 are interactive screens that are ideal for a business environment and comes in two sizes, the inch or the inch version. The Hub is still a PC but without a password or lock screen feature, instead you use the on-screen buttons to access whichever function you need.

Open a Skype call, connect to a laptop, or use the whiteboard application, it's all available quickly and simply. When you start a meeting you enter Stage, from here you can see other attendees down the side of the screen and also your own view as a thumbnail. The whiteboard is placed centrally and any apps you need can be displayed for all to see, then controlled via the touchscreen. The specifications for the inch are:. Designed to work as a blank canvas, the Surface Studio is a substantial PC with plenty of power. It has an ergonomic feel and the appearance of an elite machine, all housed in an extremely thin You can position it at a degree angle so it's reminiscent of using an easel, then use swipes, taps and lines to produce images with a stylus.

The Surface Studio 2 , realised in , is the most powerful Surface yet, with a faster processor, blazing graphics speed, and lightning-fast SSD Storage. The new Surface Studio 2 is the powerhouse workstation that brings big ideas to life. The specifications for the Surface Studio 2 are:. If you want to browse the internet, write e-mails, type documents or use spreadsheets, it will serve you well. The Surface Laptop is also an excellent starter PC for school and college students. For people who want a tablet which can be used like a laptop, the Surface Pro is their best choice.

It combines portability with increased battery life which is great if you'll be using it on the go, or as a home and work computer combined. The Surface Book is a good all-rounder, that's the most powerful Surface laptop suitable for people who want to type, edit photos, work on spreadsheets, go online, and play a few light games.

It's a high-powered laptop that performs everyday tasks well and has a long battery life. The Surface Hub is designed for use in business: it's the ideal tool for conducting meetings with people in other parts of the country or the world.

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The screen is clear enough to share information effectively and up to three other people at a meeting can also write on the page you are using, with different coloured inks. The Surface Hub works well for meetings between two people, but it can also handle larger groups. If you need a laptop which can double up as an easel and provide a pop-up art studio wherever you happen to be, the Surface Studio is just right. It has a higher price tag than most of the other Surface family gadgets, but this is a specialised device which offers users the feeling of creating physical art from a screen.

Both of these high-end laptops are at the premium end of the market and of a similar size, but how do their other specifications compare? Design Features — The Surface Book has changed little over the years with its body secured in a strong magnesium alloy with a striking hinge mechanism to the back. Apple also have a thinner device at just Once the keyboard section of the Surface Book is disconnected, it's a Microsoft may have designed a larger device, but it's also far more versatile than its Apple rival.

Displays — Although the screens are closely matched at The contrast is good on both, but the MacBook is brighter, with a wider range of colour tones. The Surface Book uses Windows 10 which has a completely different interface, but the two systems aren't poles apart in terms of what they can do.

Both enable a user to set up various desktops, both provide access to an app store and both are very easy to navigate. Windows 10 has Cortana, to compete with Siri, a digital assistant that works accurately and is well integrated into the rest of the software. You can write notes and perform file or online searches using your voice, and if you are already using a Windows phone, you can transfer your settings across effortlessly.

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The Surface Book can be used as a laptop, or detached from the keyboard for use as a tablet with touchscreen; this is definitely the right device if you really want the best of both worlds. Both are available with the same amount of storage - GB, GB, and 1TB - but it's worth noting that the MacBook Pro no longer has an SD card slot, which may put off photographers, both amateur and professional. Although Apple have a tried and tested design formula, plus software that's preferred by many users for its compatibility, the Surface Pro is a genuine alternative for people who are seeking a more flexible gadget.

Both the Surface Pro and the iPad Pro are extremely impressive tablets, but they differ in many ways and aren't aimed at the same users. For people who want their gadget to provide plenty of gaming opportunities and creative tools, the iPad Pro is likely to be more popular. It's got four speakers, a super-fast A9X processor inside and you can choose to buy a cover and Apple Pencil separately. Unlike the slicker Apple device, the Surface Pro is essentially a more adaptable replacement for your laptop. Running on Windows 10, it has a 6th generation processor which can easily equal the output of the A9X.

Design Features — The iPad Pro is available in a Somewhere in the middle, the Surface Pro has a screen size of Regarding portability, the smaller iPad Pro is certainly a better choice. It's perfect for slipping into a bag or rucksack on your way to university or work. The iPad Pro is noticeably more streamlined than the Surface Pro, with the larger version measuring 0. The Surface Pro is a sturdier 0. If you want the iPad Pro to stand independently you'll need to snap on a cover and choose the position you want it in. The Surface Pro's more ample size means it can fit in a microSD card slot, a mini DisplayPort and that all important standard USB as well, for some users these extra ports will be a significant bonus.

When you add the keyboard enabled Type Cover, the Surface Pro increases in weight from 0.

It's not hugely different to the larger iPad Pro, which starts at 0. Displays — Despite having a larger screen the iPad Pro has fewer pixels per inch than the Surface Pro, dpi to dpi. Colours are warmer and brighter too on the Surface Pro, but the 9. Audio — Fitting four speakers to a device as small as a tablet is difficult to achieve, but Apple has made it happen on the iPad Pro and the audio benefits hugely, whether you are listening to music or watching a film. The Surface Pro makes do with two front-facing speakers, these can lack bass, but as they're produced by Dolby Audio, the sound quality is still crisp.

Battery — If you are going to choose a tablet based on its battery life, then the iPad Pro is going to be your best buy. On average the Surface lasts around 6 hours in continual use, but the iPad Pro can keep going for up to 10 hours. Apps — Users of the iPad Pro can gain access to thousands of apps through the App Store , many of which are optimised for their gadget. Choose from sections devoted to the arts, to writing and to photo editing, as well as gaming. The Surface Pro user may have a smaller choice when it comes to apps in the Microsoft Store , but those on offer are heavy hitting classics like Photoshop , along with Steam and Google Chrome.

Comparing the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro is not an easy task, because they are designed for different needs. If you're choosing between the two, it might help to consider whether you want a tablet which works just as well as a notebook, like the Surface Pro, or a powerful tablet with a bigger screen, like the larger iPad Pro.

Increasing the efficiency is easy with the available accessories for the Surface family. These are the most popular:. The Surface Type Cover — This soft cover is essentially a keyboard which makes it easier to type for longer. It's perfect for people using mobile tablet devices for work or study, but also acts as a colour coordinated protective cover. The keyboard is also backlit, so you can use it in low light.

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Microsoft Docking Station — Whether you keep it at home or in the office, this docking station presents a handy way to charge your device. There are also extra ports so you can connect any other Surface devices and charge them at the same time. It makes writing feel natural and is great for art projects. Many problems with the Surface range can be solved using Microsoft's extensive online support service. Just click "Devices and Xbox" from the drop-down "Product" menu on the Microsoft homepage, and then choose Microsoft Surface, followed by "Support".

If your problem is not covered, or the solution doesn't work, you can talk to a live agent online, visit their page on Twitter , or send them a message via Facebook. The most affordable product in this range is the Microsoft Surface, an excellent choice for light home use and education but some people will need a higher powered unit.

To get a lower price on elite goods like the Surface Pro or the Surface Book, you could choose one of the older models or wait until Microsoft have a deal on the device you want. Other major electronics retailers like Tesco , Currys , Amazon and Argos , also have discounts on top range Surface devices throughout the year.

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